Media Literacy for Girls

Raising Girls - “The PBS Parents Guide to Raising Girls will help you understand your daughter's inner and outer worlds. You'll find out how to help her grow up powerful, self-confident, and self-aware — with a critical eye towards the messages the media is marketing to her.”


The Secret to Raising Girls - This mom blog will give you insights and advice from a mom just like you raising young girls in a world of depression and self-hate.


Daddy Doin' Work -  Raising girls from a dad's point of view not only helps dad connect with their daughters, but helps moms help dads too!


Body Evolution - Model Before and After - “Time-lapse video shows the radical effect of Photoshop on model's body. The clip, created for, shows a girl turned into a bombshell glamour model with the help of a hair and make-up artist and of course, Photoshop.”


Is a Barbie Body Possible? - “Our photo-realistic rendering shows just how bizarre a life-sized Barbie would actually look, and uncovers the impossible physical proportions of the doll idolized as perfection by so many.”

Beauty Distorted by the Media - Media and celebrities show their true beauty.


Dove - Dove explains why bullies bully. 


Bystander vs. Upstander - Video


Dove Self-Esteem Project - Dove explains what low body confidence really is an ways to increase confidence.


The Dove Self-Esteem Project/Media - Dove gives help to parents on distorted media and how to teach young girls to be mindful of media.


Dove Compliments - Dove teaches girls how to give and take a compliment. 


Dove Body Image -Dove can help you girls develop a positive body image.