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Shine On! is an organization of SUNY Plattsburgh women dedicated to raising resilient, confident girls by teaching  media literacy, communication skills and character strengths. These tools will better equip them with the coping skills necessary to resist societal pressures they will face throughout life.


Statistics indicate that 75 percent of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in destructive habits such as eating disorders, cutting, bullying, smoking and drinking when feeling badly about themselves. Our curriculum was designed to decrease participation in negative behaviors by reaching young girls before they face the social pressures of middle school. We're not looking to fix statistics; we’re aiming to prevent them.


Shine On! combats these issues through three main themes:


* Media and Marketing Literacy:

Has your third grade daughter asked you if she can wear makeup? Have you seen her looking at herself longer and longer in the mirror? Did you over hear her talking about a thigh gap? Then click here to learn more about media and marking literacy.


* Communication Skills:

Does your fourth grade daughter know how to stand up to a bully? Or does your daughter tend to bully other girls? Learn more about being a up-stander and communication skills here.

* Character Strengths:

Does your daughter show gratitude or know how to be optimistic?

Does she like to be curious and zesty, but doesn't have enough social intelligence to show it? Learn more about character strengths here.


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