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Media Literacy

“The PBS Parents Guide to Raising Girls will help you understand your daughter's inner and outer worlds. You'll find out how to help her grow up powerful, self-confident, and self-aware— with a critical eye towards the messages the media is marketing to her.”

Coming of age in an increasingly digital, uncertain, and unequal World.

"For the first time, young kids spend more time watching online videos than doing any other activity on screens..." This resource will help you "better understand just how the media landscape can be improved for our youngest children."

A BBC article on ways social media can distort the perceptions of one's body.


About "fear of missing out" and ways to combat it.

Dove explains why bullies bully. 

Celebrities show their true beauty.

Learn how to stay safe online with former Shine On! committee member Ayesha. 

Ways to prevent and stop cyberbullying on different social media platforms.

Dove helps you teach your child how to unapologetically accept a compliment.

Information on different "trends" that are affecting social media usage.

This mom blog will give you insights and advice from a mom just like you raising young girls in a world of depression and self-hate.

“Time-lapse video shows the radical effect of Photoshop on model's body. The clip, created for, shows a girl turned into a bombshell glamour model with the help of a hair and make-up artist and of course, Photoshop.”


Be The Change NZ campaign video 'Be The Hero - help STOP bullying' #upstand video

Tips for social media and internet use.

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