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K-2 Workshop Recordings

Samantha Green

Learn how women have used their character strengths to impact space travel during this STEM storytime.

Travis Reynolds and Tyler DeFoe

Start practicing self-care in this workshop focused on creating boundaries and coping with difficult emotions.

Daniella Micallef

Elevate your stargazing game in this zesty workshop focused on recognizing different star formations.

Grant Weerts

Students will exercise their curiosity and creativity as they learn about CAD and 3D printing.

Monica Jerry, Jennifer Faltings, and Kennedy Jameson

Explore CRAZY science phenomena by forming hypotheses and participating in three experiments.

James Peploski

This workshop will get students excited about the curiosity and grit that drive scientific discoveries.

3-5 Workshop Recordings

Amy Guglielmo and Julia Devine

Learn about the process of creating a mural by talking about Michael Anderson, a local astronaut who has a mural of his own in downtown Plattsburgh.

Milaglos (Alex) Smith

Practice gratitude and grit through a series of fun activities focused on electricity and light pollution inspired by Project WILD.

Jack Rossetti

Learn about how Newton’s Laws apply to space travel and rocket science by exploring several of NASA’s most important missions.

Plattsburgh High School Team

Ever look at the stars and wonder why there is a lion, a spoon and a dragon? In this workshop, students will get to create a constellation of their own!

Kristen Kavanagh and Amanda Davi

Learn how to be gritty by discussing Katherine Johnson, one of the hidden figures who helped ensure the success of NASA's Apollo 13 mission.

Jennifer Bremser and Tyrae McIntosh

What does it take to be an astronaut? In this workshop, you’ll find out how we prepare astronauts for space exploration.

Plattsburgh High School Team

Make your very own model of a Lunar Landing Vehicle, a spacecraft designed to explore the surface of the moon.

Mark Falinski

Learn how climate change works, how it impacts animal homes, and what all of us can do to help stop it from happening.

6-8 Workshop Recordings

Diana Danville and Students

How is it possible to talk to someone across the world from you? This workshop will talk about HAM radios and how they provide long-distance two-way communication.

Elizabeth Pearl

Dream BIG, overcome obstacles, and learn the value of service to others in this gritty workshop addressing how we use technology to heal our bodies.

Stephen Kramer and Mark Haney

Learn how exercise affects respiration rates and body temperature in this live experiment.

Gib Brown

What are the weather conditions necessary for a safe and successful launch? Learn the difference between “Go” and “No-Go” launch situations.

Lisa Douglas

This introduction to real life wet labs will allow students to be scientists in their own virtual science lab using the online resource,

Josh LaBounty

Start to see every wrong answer as a learning opportunity in this workshop about the scientific method and the difference between theory and experiment.

4H Robotics Team Beta

Discover how robotics is currently allowing us to explore Mars and lay the groundwork for humans to visit someday.

Special Pre-K Workshop Recordings

Taylor Edgar

Through a series of engaging activities, this workshop will promote mathematical reasoning, problem solving, hypothesis development, and more! 

Taylor Edgar

Through a series of engaging activities, this workshop will promote mathematical reasoning, problem solving, hypothesis development, and more! 

*Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, we were not able to get full recordings of every workshop. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

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