Shine On! Conference

Our free over-night conference-- run by trained college women-- teaches young girls to make better choices through interactive workshops utilizing the three Shine On! themes: Media Literacy, Communication Skills ,and Character Strengths.

2020 Conference Workshops

Space Balls 

Stress, unfortunately, is a very normal part of everyday life for most people. Even at a young age, this stress can feel overwhelming. However, there are many healthy ways to deal with it. The goal of this workshop is to teach your daughter what stress is and where it comes from and provide her with the tools necessary to safely cope with that stress and, hopefully, eliminate as much of it as possible from her life. 



For much of human history, we have looked to the stars with curiosity and wonder. Our out-of-this-world planetarium workshop will teach your daughter all about the constellations she sleeps under every night. Lead by actual SUNY Plattsburgh Astronomy students, this workshop is sure to leave your daughter absolutely starstruck.  


Girls Rock-it

This workshop shows young girls how they can become involved in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Not only are STEM careers important, but they’re super fun as well. During this crowd favorite workshop, your daughter will learn how to code, AND how to make a robot move! 


Love the Space Suit You’re In

What are your daughter’s inner qualities? During this workshop, the girls will get a chance to look inside themselves and find the things that make them so special. They will be prompted to write “I” statements describing themselves in different ways, such as, “I am good at…” or “I am proud of myself because…,” and then attach these statements to a photo of themselves. This will help your daughter figure out what she loves most about herself in order to lead her down a path of self-acceptance. 


Down to the Core

These days, there is a lot of pressure on young girls to look and act a certain way, especially when it comes to how they dress. For many, if they don’t have the “right” jeans, they don’t want them at all. The goal of this workshop is to teach girls how marketers exploit materialism. By examining the concept of "needs vs. wants" in an engaging group activity, your daughter will learn that things that bring us joy are not necessarily things that cost money. 


Out of this World Convos

Is your daughter an effective and confident communicator? During this interactive workshop, your girls will be given the chance to talk through real situations they are facing and discuss how to approach them. Not only will this let the girls know that they are not alone in their struggles, but it will also allow them to explore how to own up to mistakes, problem-solve, and be an upstander rather than a bystander. These basic skills will inspire confidence in your girls and help them develop better communication skills in a variety of situations. 


Navigating the Social Galaxy

In this workshop, your daughter will take a deep dive into healthy social media habits and positive relationships. We’ll talk about FOMO, honoring your individuality instead of following trends, and developing active hobbies to get away from the screen. Your daughter will learn that her self worth does not come from who she sees online but how she feels about herself. Technology is becoming a constant in our daily lives, but we can help your girls navigate the online world and teach those around them to do the same.


Alien Smackdown

Taught by Villari’s Martial Arts studio instructors, this workshop will help your girl develop the skills she needs to feel strong and courageous, even in her weakest moments. This workshop will provide the girls with many important safety tips, and they will also get the chance to learn some useful beginner self-defense skills that are sure to make your daughter feel absolutely fearless!  



The aim of this workshop is to educate your girls about diversity and help them appreciate their own uniqueness. The activities in this workshop emphasize that no matter where we come from, girls need to stick together. Your girl will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of everyone's differences and a deeper appreciation of her own individuality. 


Solar System Strong

In this workshop, your daughter will learn the skills she needs to overcome obstacles and achieve success by applying the seven KIPP character strengths: grit, zest, optimism, self-control, gratitude, social intelligence, and curiosity. The girls will come to understand how to use these important skills in everyday situations, and will receive their very own KIPP character strength bracelet to remind them to embody these traits every day. 


I Come in Peace

Regardless of age, self-care is a necessity. It is important that we all take the time to appreciate ourselves and everything we have to offer. For this workshop, the girls will be given journals to record positive affirmations to help remind them to love themselves. Our goal is to teach your daughter the importance of self-love and optimism in order to help mold her into a strong and independent young woman.