Shine On!


Our free over-night conference, run by trained college women, teaches young girls to make better choices through 12 interactive workshops utilizing the three Shine On! themes: Media Literacy, Communication Skills and Character Strengths.


The 2019 SHINE ON! CONFERENCE will be Saturday, April 6th though Sunday, April 7th.


Drop off will be at 9 a.m. on Saturday. Pick up will follow at 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning.  Only the registered parent or guardian will be able to pick up the child and they will need to have and ID present at pick up.  


We would like to remind you to send your girls with sneakers, towels and NO TECHNOLOGY please.

Registration will open at 10 a.m. on February 9th,2019 Follow the link below when registration opens. 

Registration is now closed.

Previous Conference Workshops

Media Literacy: Media Literacy informs the girls about magazines and advertising that is not true to real life. It shows the girls that they don't have to look like models or girls of t.v.


Communication Skills: Communication skills prepares the girls for difficult situations and how to stand up for themselves if need be. 

Character  Strengths:  During Character Strength workshop, the girls learn the seven Kipp character strengths and the importance of each of them in their daily lives. 

Nutrition: Nutrition is one of the core workshop that teaches the girls how to pick out a healthy meal and properly take care of their bodies. 

Rock Climbing Wall: The rock climbing wall teaches the girls team work as well as to never give up. Some girls may be nervous to tackle this workshop, but they learn to conquer their fear and have fun while doing it. 

Pool: The pool allows the girls to bond with one another and be confident in their own bodies. 

Self-Defense: Self-defense is a crucial workshop that teaches strength and mindfulness of one's own body. The girls learn to protect them selves while also learning to work as a group.

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