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There's strong... then there's Shine On! strong. Our Raising Resilient Girls Workshop Series is designed for parents and caregivers. We know that our messages must be reinforced at home to make the greatest impact so we're giving parents and caregivers the tools to raise resilient girls. 

 Workshops include:

* Media and Marketing 101Discussion how the media distorts children's view of beauty.

* How to Raise a Gritty Girl Teaching young girls how to use failure as a means to succeed

* Social Media Smarts for the young connected ChildTips and tricks for teaching your child social media safety and online responsibility.

* Operation Up-stander - Learn tips to teach your daughter how to stand up for herself and others

* Operation Bond-for-Life - Learn lasting communication tips to bond with you daughter throughout her teenage years.

* Operation Tough Girls - Learn tips to raise confident daughters poised to tackle the challenges of today's society.

* Healthy Living: Mind, Body and Soul - Positivity tips for healthy eating, healthy living and healthy spirit.

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